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Our Collaborators

David San Clair

David has performed in numerous venues across the Irish capital, including shows in Whelan's Upstairs, The Button Factory and Sin É. His style is a blend between folk, rock and indie which provides a unique repertoire for audiences. David and his band all attend BIMM Dublin music college. This is where they first met and solidified their bond for playing music together.

katie press shot.jpg

Katie Phelan

Katie Phelan is one of the most exciting prospects on the indie singer/songwriter scene right
now. The Irish artist creates honest, heart-warming and inspired songs of self-expression and

melodic masterclasses. Her debut single ‘For Good’ is brimming with warm textures, heart-
wrenching lyrics and beautiful vocals. It offers a sense of intimacy and heart that allows you

to connect with the artist.


Woodsmen are some of the newest Dublin based songwriters in collaboration to arise as of late, offering a new exciting sound with just enough nostalgia in the form of Bob Dylan-like music, they'll make you feel like you've been listening to them for years. The band has plans of recording their debut EP before the year is out, supported by a string of shows around Ireland in 2022.


Slightly Dishevelled

Slightly Dishevelled are five dear comrades, blending Irish noise rock with influences of new wave to create a cleansing, visceral sonic experience. A lively, loud and raw group, their play bold, sweaty, energetic sound will shake you to the gut. Having just released a video of their tune "Bank Account " live from Social Unrest Fest in The Grand Social, the buzz and atmosphere around The Dish is fairly regal. Hitting all the big spots, The Dish have an impressive back-catalogue of live shows, performing in the likes of The Workman's Club  and The Grand Social. Slightly Dishevelled have established themselves in recent years as a must see act.

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